Most Popular TEFL Teaching Countries

Latin America
Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador are all hot spots in Latin America.  Typical TEFL jobs are either in business English or in the private school sector, and the pay is enough to live on comfortably (without saving). The extra perks: beaches, tropics, mountains and that Latin American ‘carnival’ atmosphere.
China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan are all great TEFL marketplaces. Each of these countries is growing internationally, and the demand for TEFL teachers has risen to match.
The job offers typically include airfare at least one way; a contract; accommodation and more than competitive pay. Additionally, the countries themselves are diverse with jungles, stark steppes and manically paced cities.
The Middle East
The UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are the more popular destinations for TEFL teachers. The landscape and cultures are vastly different from anywhere else.
As for working in the Middle East, the pay is excellent and it’s fairly easy to save.
Other TEFL Options

Costa Rica has become a ‘go to’ place for many TEFL teachers because of its perfect balance between quality of life and paradise-like atmosphere. Russia is an up-and-coming destination for many TEFL teachers. Their recent upsurge of job opportunities with a slackening of entrance visas has made it much easier to teach in Russia. The history, the architecture and the Slavic culture are all enticements.
Mexico isn’t the first place you’d think of when you’re shopping around for a TEFL job, but it’s rapidly building a reputation as a good teaching post. The pay is competitive, you have a choice between beach or mountains. Turkey is a brilliant mix of Old East meets New West. Their economy and their TEFL scene is thriving, with a strong support system for teachers. The central location is perfect for travellers- near Greece, the Balkans and the Middle East.